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One company, two brands. JD communication, for training, workshops, speaking, seminars, coaching. And Leading news, for production and edition of coaching tools.

Jorge Dias
Coach, Author, Speaker, Blogger

Started to work at 17, in a chemical factory, Quimigal, in Barreiro. Nine yeas after changed his life and moved to media industry. Worked as secretary, proof reader, graphic designer, production manager and publisher. At same time, made some organizational diagnosis, in leadership and climate areas. In 2009 changed his life again, founded his company, created two brands, and now is dedicated to coaching.


Studied Sociology, Human Resourses Management, Neurolinguistic Programming, Coaching, Social Panorama and Spiral Dynamics with NVC Consulting. Currently, is also presidente of Barreiro Toastmasters Club.

Coaching, Therapy, Values Profile, Workshops, training and Lectures.

Coaching workshops one-on-one or groups.

Values Profile with Spiral Dynamics tools, seminars and lectures. 


Communication skills, Coaching tools, Leadership performance, Evaluations formats, NLP and Coaching courses are some of the developed themes.

Creative Coaching Tools

It is all about our mission to produce simple tools to be used in several contexts, professional, informal, individual or in group. We create, produce and edit books, cards and other games, because we want spread this metodology, Coaching and his potential when used with other metodologies, like NLP or Spiral Dynamics. Please take a look to our store.

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